Lawrence Greenspon

Lawrence Greenspon is a unique combination of criminal defense and civil litigation lawyer with his own law firm Greenspon, Brown and Associates. Just as importantly, though, he is known throughout the city as one of Ottawa’s most dedicated volunteers and philanthropists.

Lawrence’s name appears regularly in the news because of high profile court cases, but you’re equally likely to see him enthusiastically volunteering his time as an auctioneer at a charity gala, chairing any number of boards (he’s currently chairing the Montfort’s Hospital Cardiac CT Scan campaign) or cycling, paddling, walking, dancing, boxing or playing hockey with the end goal of raising money or support for a local cause. Lawrence Greenspon’s commitment to justice and to community make him one of Ottawa’s #150GreatPeople, and here he answers the questionnaire:

What makes Ottawa special to you?

I was born in Montreal and lived there until moving to Ottawa in 1974, more than 40 years ago. I came not knowing a single person and I graduated from University and law school here.
Ottawa is home to my family, my friends, and my work colleagues. Despite some freezing cold winter days, there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

What do you love most about living and working in Ottawa?

That you can really enjoy living and working in this unique city. The canal, the Gatineau’s, the bike paths and rivers really enable us to work to live.

The work that you do helps to make Ottawa a better place-Why is this important to you?

We are the Nation’s Capital. We are destined to set an example and give direction to our children and for our country. We must continue to enhance health care and services for all, ensure quality of life, for seniors and for the disadvantaged and provide equal opportunity for new Canadians and the disabled.

You give back to the Ottawa community in various ways- is there one Ottawa-related achievement of which you are the most proud?

I cherish the fact that those close to me are willing to become involved in improving the Quality of life for the people of our Community. I have been fortunate to have been honoured for work which could not have happened without the support of family and friends.

What do you hope for Ottawa in the future?

I’d love to see us end homelessness in this city.

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